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This website feeds my soul but, for everything else there’s...

Truth is there's Pasta and Pastries and Pizza and Eggs Benedict and Martini's and well, you get the point. There are just so many great places to eat (and drink) here in the Peace Region and it's my goal to share our newest hotspot.

So let's eat, drink, be merry as this month I dive spoon first into Pho; and remember, please don't lick the monitor.

Bowl of soup
Red curry spice


Pho vs. Faux

Want to order Vietnamese like a pro?

Start by pronouncing it correctly; Pho is pronounced 'fuh' not 'foe'.

One of the cities most authentic Vietnamese Restaurants. Comfort pho in the capital.

Located in the Downtown Core

Juice Five O

Juice Five O
10401-10th Street, Dawson Creek, B.C., 

located inside the Kruk Centre for Performing Arts

Juice is definitely a worth a try, and ranks among one of my favorite pho spots in the city, especially with winter here. A hot bowl of pho on a cold Dawson Creek night; now that’s comfort.

My order: Pho Daily Special

A sea of broth was filled with rice noodles, scallions, celery, beef, and shaved onions. This ‘single’ order could probably defeat a cold however that’s just myth. The broth was seasoned to a delicious perfection and the herbs included were fresh and flavorful.

Hidden just under the surface were slices of local cut beef, fried onion and firm noodles cooking to perfection within the hot broth.

Juice Five O

Next up!

A love affair with Bun starts here. You never forget your first and Juice Five O keeps me coming back for more. 

My order: Bun Thit Nuong (Vermicelli)

 Good, no great Bun takes fresh only ingredients, care and well, amazing fish sauce. Fresh mint is the key when it comes to Bun and the noodles just tastes right. It’s very fresh, eye popping tasty and if the fish sauce is not mixed correctly will ruin the whole dish. If just one item is off, Bun will never be satisfying.

Juice Five O you get me!

Included in Bun is; rice vermicelli, mint, fried shallots, green onions, bean sprouts, carrots, daikon radish, lettuce, pork spring rolls, grilled marinated pork loin, peanuts and of course high grade fish sauce.

Vegetarian version available

An equal serving of Healthy and Delicious

Located Downtown at Kpac

Juice Five O

If you want to find me Tuesday after work, try checking out Juice Five O.

Our mild yellow curry soup

It’s not spicy

Special ingredients list;

Cinnamon sticks, coramander seeds, and star anise, charred and infused together.

Someone say Curry?

What started out as a one time promotional event has turned into a weekly ritual.Curry Tuesday’s at Juice isn’t a meal, it’s an event.

Your order: Curry Chicken served with Rice

A big misconception with our curry is the mix up with typical Indian curry (amazing in its own right), it’s not spicy!  

One of the great pleasures of Juice Five O is that is that the serving of mild yellow curry is how  deep the flavor works on into your tastebuds, whole chicken pieces, sweet potato, carrots and potato soaked in spiced coconut milk. Served on a bed of rice, divine!


The Jade Mistress

If you’re looking for the Perfect Pairing for that steaming hot bowl of Pho? Then you simply must try The Jade Mistress.

Vodka steeped in red chilies, apple chunks, thai basil leaves, simple syrup, and fresh lemon sour. If we ever get our liquor licence this will be our first drink!

A little nibble about Teresa...

The Art of the Meal is a personal journey; my personal journey. It’s not really about the food, its about the experience. Its about getting outside of my comfort zone. The opinions expressed here are mine.

Thats it, thats all.